Off Track Eventing tries Schrammo’s Snake Exercise!

Well, we’ve been in a DEEP FREEZE for over a month now. The horses are bored, the riders are frozen, and we’re running out of things to keep us busy in the indoor arena….

But thanks to Evention TV, we got to try something new today! Take a peek at the video below to see the Off Track Eventing team attempt Schrammo’s Snake Exercise.

Find the original exercise & video at or watch it below!

Evention Tv Season 2: Episode 9 from Dominic Schramm on Vimeo.

With this exercise I really got to test Oz’s adjust-ability and straightness on a bending line. I had to give up some control in order to keep a natural rhythm and Oz had to put his head down and stretch over the poles, figuring out where to place his feet. I already have a million other ideas that involve this basic exercise and can’t wait to try them!

Thanks Dom & Jimmie! We love your channel and look forward to more exercises 🙂

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