Tempo Run – 6 km

We gave Gamble the day off yesterday, but today we were right back at building his cardio in preparation for Cross Country.  My original goal was to go out at a trot for 1 kilometre, then pick up a fast canter (2:15/km) for another kilometre, and then do kilometres of gallop at 2 minutes per kilometre (500 m. per minute) or better.  Here are our kilometre splits:

4:43 (trot)

2:22 (fast canter)

2:04 (gallop)

2:05 (gallop)

2:12 (had to stop GPS while we crossed the bridge at a walk)

1:52 (gallop – faster than Prelim)

1:50 (gallop – almost Intermediate)

4:32 (trot)

We then walked around for a good 20 minutes to let him cool down.

We were working along the side of the roads on the shoulder, so Gamble had to be very careful where he stepped.  A bit to the left and he’d be on the asphalt (slippery in shoes) and a bit to the right and we’d be in the ditch.  But he was good and careful.

I was particularly pleased with how well he opened up on that last gallop.  Without really pushing him, we were able to get to almost-Intermediate speed after already galloping 5 kilometres.

We’re not there yet, but with less than a month to go until the first Event, we’re getting close.


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