Show Jumping Practice – 3′-11″ (1.2 m.) Oxer

Tonight we worked on show jumping at the height at which we’ll be competing this summer.  We worked up from a 2’6″ oxer to 3-9″, 4 repeats each.  We then put it up to 3′-11″ (1.2 m.) and I was going to be content doing it twice at this height.   It was a slightly sloping oxer with the front rail at about 3′-7″.

I pulled out of my first attempt as I didn’t like the striding.  The second attempt went well, although we did it a bit long.  Then we did a third attempt and for whatever reason, Gamble wasn’t interested and put on the brakes.  But we went around and did it again and he was fine.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get that last attempt on camera.

It wasn’t a wide oxer — just 2′ roughly.  But as we get more strength and confidence, we’ll widen it to 4′.


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