Canter Cardio for Gamble – 3 km Trot, 5 km Canter

Gamble and I went out for some cardio today.  While it was a bit cool (-4 C.), the sun was shining and there were soft spots along the shoulders of the road.  I went around the block — almost exactly 8 km — so I trotted the first 2 km, cantered (targeting 2:15 per K) for 5 km, and then trotted for the final km.  Here are my splits:

  • 5:17 (trot)
  • 4:48 (trot)
  • 2:17
  • 2:18
  • 2:16
  • 2:03
  • 2:12
  • 5:54 (trot)

Gamble was good as gold along the side of the road.  Cars didn’t faze him although he did take a look at a tractor going by us.  You could tell that he was getting a bit tired by the end of the 5th kilometre, but not enough that I had any trouble keeping him at pace.   That’s 11:06 in total canter time.  The most I should have to do this year (CIC** level)  is 3.6 km at 550 metres per minute (1:49 per km).

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