Canter Cardio for Gamble – 2 km Trot, 6 km Canter

Gamble and I did an 8k tempo run today since the weather was so nice (hovering around zero C. but with sunshine)! Here are our splits per kilometre:

5:09 (trot)
2:59 (slow canter)
2:15 (Training level canter)
2:02 (Prelim level gallop but with a stop in between to go across William St.)
5:04 (trot)

Gamble had quite the sweat on him when we were done, as did I.  It didn’t take long to cool him out though.

My longest CIC** will be 3.6 km at a speed of 550 metres per minute (1:49/k.) which shouldn’t be an issue for Gamble.




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