Tempo Gallop – 6.5 km with 4 at Intermediate Pace

We galloped along the side of the field to the west of the stables today, rather than out on the road. The ground is firm, but definitely softer than the roadway. I started with 1/2 km of trot, and then worked into a slow canter and then finally into a gallop. Here are my splits.

4:34 (pace, for 500 m., at a trot)
2:31 (pace, for 500 m., at a canter)
2:00 (aiming for 2:15)
1:55 (aiming for 1:55)
1:46 (aiming for 1:49)
1:46 (aiming for 1:49)
1:49 (aiming for 1:49)
1:47 (aiming for 1:49)

We trotted out for about 400 m. and then walked back through the trails (about 1.5 km). He was totally cooled off by the time we got back.

I’m definitely comfortable that we’ll be able to hit the XC target times this summer.

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