Speed Work – 6 x 1 km Repeats

Today was fairly cool compared to what we’ve seen in the past week or two. By the time I got out to ride, it was about 5 degrees C. But while that is cool for pleasure riding, it is perfect for speed work, which was on the agenda today.

My goal was to do 6 one-kilometre repeats separated by a 2 minute walk break. My target pace per kilometre was 2:00, then 1:45, then 4 x 1:35.  Here are our splits:







That fourth repeat where I hit a 1:30 pace, I was actually doing about a 1:33 pace when a truck hauling a trailer came up beside us.  For whatever reason, Gamble decided we were in a race and kicked into another gear.  Before I knew it, our pace was 1:22 per kilometre — 44 km/h.  So even at a better-than-Intermediate-pace, he has enough in reserve to get faster if need be.

He cooled down very easily and was barely breathing hard at the end.  We could have done another 2 repeats easily.  I may want to aim for a 1:30 pace for a couple of repeats next time just to make sure he’s working hard.

Anyhow, it was a successful night.  Extra oats for Gamble tonight!

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