Speed Work – 6 x 1 km repeats…

Just one week until our first CIC * event, so I wanted to get our speed work in with enough time for Gamble’s muscles to fully recover before the Event. After warm-up, my goal was to do 1 km at 1:55, then 1:45, 1:35, 1:35, 1:30, 1:35, with 2 minutes between each repeat. Here are our splits:


It was warm out — 25 degrees C. — so Gamble had quite the sweat on by the time we were done. We walked out for a good 25 minutes (including 3 splashes in the river and water park) plus a rinse off when we got back. I was quite happy with his response. No problem getting making the target times — other than the last lap, where I had to slow down to pass Tori and Rapport.

The CIC * next weekend will have a distance of 3,120 m., so he should have no issues with that. Even a CIC *** has a maximum distance of just under 4 km, so I suspect he’d be able to handle that even today. But one step at a time.

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