Pre-Event XC Gymnastics…

Tonight I just wanted to get out and do each of the tricky questions in the valley at least once so we could go into our first Intermediate event with confidence. Here is the video:

We did a bunch of verticals and oxers — first at a trot then working up to a canter — and then the line of vertical-oxer-coop-rails-corner.

Then we did the large table is where we just about had an issue. Gamble did a bit of a stutter-step with this front feet before taking off so we didn’t have the velocity to get over the fence cleanly. He almost pushed off with his hind legs on the top of the fence, and then stumbled when he hit the other side. I lost my balance when he stumbled and actually pulled my left stirrup leather right off the saddle so I had to stop and reattach it. Anyhow, we were both no worse for wear, so we continued on.

We then did a coop into the water, which was no issue.

Then the bench on the other side of the ditch. He looked at it but really didn’t give it any respect when he went over it, so he banged it with his hind legs.

Then to the steps up and drops down — including the big drop — and he had no issues with that either.

Finally to Rapport’s water park — which I’d mostly emptied so there was between 6 and 12 inches of water. He had no problem jumping into and getting out of the water park.

I’d say we’re ready!

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