Pace Run – 6 km at Prelim Speed

It has been 5 days since our Intermediate event at Grandview and while I don’t think Gamble over-stressed himself on the XC there (it was just 3 km), I didn’t want to work him too hard tonight. It’s always a balance of trying to find that workout that keeps him fit (and gets him fitter) but doesn’t stress his legs too much. With a month until the next Event, we have lots of time to get him fit, so I aimed for 6 km at Preliminary speed — 1:55 per km.

Now, we were doing it along the side of the cornfield and there isn’t a lot of area to turn around at the top end, so we were galloping a bit faster than the 1:55 target in order to get time for our turns. Here are our splits:


He was definitely working at the last two repeats.

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