Dressage Lesson with Michaela Pisters

I had an excellent dressage lesson with Michaela Pisters today.  I was looking for exercises I could do in order to work on proper collection.  We ended up with both exercises for that goal, plus working on collected movements such as shoulder-in, travers and half-pass.

After warming up I should do a couple of 10 m. circles to a shoulder in, and then straighten.

Then a couple of 10 m. circles to a travers.

Then a couple of 10 m. half circles to a half pass.

I need to remember to keep my torso relaxed. Keep my right shoulder down, hands together, legs down. My shoulders back, arms in.

I need to work on gradually keeping Gamble’s head higher and rear-legs more underneath him.

Keep the energy up.

If he stalls on a shoulder-in or travers, straighten him out and move him forward.

When doing a medium trot across the diagonal, a couple of quick taps with both legs once we are set up and pointing in the correct direction.

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